Point of View of Analysis

When analyzing documents for opinion, good writers express the point-of-view of an author's writing or artist's work; however, excellent writers express Point-of-View Analysis.

What is a POV Analysis?

POV = author's point of view includes why the author has his or her opinion 
1) what philosophical views during the time period may have influenced this person's point of view?
2) what events may have occurred to shape this person's opinion?
3) what groups or organizations did this author or aritst belong to that may have influenced this person's point of view?
4) HISTORIC CONTEXT....what is GOING ON ? Exploration? Industrial Revolution? War?

POV Analysis includes POV (see above) plus the addition of.....
1) why some one person or group  may agree or disagree with the author's point of view,,,
and / OR
2) the evaluation of the reliability of source of information...for example: was it from a diary entry? was it from a newspaper? was it from an official government document? was it a propaganda poster?  IF SO, how does this influence the author's opinion.

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