Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A GREAT way to start a class...

1) Have students transcribe the grammatically incorrect sentence as it appears, with its MISTAKES, in a journal.
2) Ask students to rewrite the sentence CORRECTLY in their journal.
3) Ask a student or students to come to the front of the class and correct the imperfections in sentence.
4) Review the amelioration with students pointing out and underscoring the problems that were detected and undetected.

SENTENCES needing correction: 

1.  In 1867 many farmer's joined together too push for reform. In 1867 a farmer named oliver hudson kelley started an organization that became known as the grange. 

 In 1867many farmers joined together to push for reform. In 1867, a farmer named Oliver Hudson Kelley started an organization that became known as the Grange.

In 1867, .....Dependent Clause: comma needed
farmers .... No apostrophe needed, simply a plural form of the noun
"to" ....not "too" and not "two"
In 1867, .....another DEPENDENT Clause needing a comma
Oliver Hudson Kelley ..... Proper noun needing capital letters
Grange is a proper noun needing capitalization 

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